1785 - Shaka Zulu was born
1795 - Dingaan was born in Babanango
1820 - Circa: Alexander Harvy Biggar and Robert Newton Dunn arrive with the Darniel party. The Darniel party was a private party, the arrived on the Duke of Malbourgh.
1824 - The first white settlers were 26 hunter/traders arrived at Port Natal. Before the end of the year only six remained - Spencer.
1826 - October. The Zulus deemed all persons who 'wore clothes' to be Europeans - this included Hottentots (Fynn P129)
1828 - Shaka Zulu. Killed by Dingaan
1828 - Dingaan became paramount chief of the Zulu's
1835 - Other 1820 settlers in Port Natal in 1835 - see list below
1836 - May. Alexander Harvey Biggar moved to Natal with his younger son George
1836 - Robert Newton Dunn and his wife Ann moved to Natal. Ann was the daughter of Alexander Harvey Biggar.
1837 - Port Natal Volunteers under Commandant AH Biggar formed and disbanded - MacKeurtan P198
1838 - February 6. Retief Killed by Dingaan. Two of Alexander Biggars sons are killed at the slaying.
1838 - Robert Newton Dunn (1796-1847) arrived in Natal circa 1836 and purchased the deceased James Collis' farm Sea View in 1838.
1842 - Map of Port Natal dated 1842. Shows camps of Wood's, Mr Dunn's, American Church Mission, Berea, Boere Camp etc.